Learning Goals

Learning Goal:

In the previous chapter we have learned how to characterize acids and bases in various solvents. Now we will learn about the reactions of acids and bases with each other. We will also learn how some solutions are able to resist much of a pH change upon the addition of acids and bases. Our life is very dependent upon the pH of our blood remaining in a rather narrow region, so it is certainly important to understand some of these reactions.

Chapter Highlights:

Read the material from the text (pages 868-869).

Overview Web Activity:

Here is an excellent site for some tutoring in some of the topics in this chapter:

AcidBase Equilibria

At this site, choose CHEM 122/125 from the upper left panel and then choose from the next upper left panel "Acidbase equilibria". Then you can choose from the next upper left panel the topics of interest regarding material covered in this chapter.


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