Learning Goals

Learning Goal:

You will learn some details about how reactants go to products. A simple chemical equation really does not give us much information. A comparison might be if you said that you went from Atlanta to Chicago. Nobody would know what path you took, how long the trip took, what you did along the way, how many people you met along the way, or any other of the many details of the trip. In this chapter we will examine some of the details of the trip from reactants to products.

Chapter Highlights:

Material from the text (pages 600-642 ).

Here is an audio/slide presentation on Chemical Kinetics that I prepared for CHEM 1151. I think that it will also be useful for this class. You will need a Real Player installed on your computer to see/hear it.

Overview Web Activity:

Here is an excellent site for some tutoring in some of the topics in this chapter:

chemical kinetics


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