Learning Goals

Learning Goal:

You will learn how to apply concepts from Chapter 5 on oxidation-reduction reactions to some very practical applications such as the electrochemical manufacture of aluminum and chlorine. You will learn how to balance an oxidation-reduction reaction, how to use standard electrode potentials to construct useful electrochemical cells, how our knowledge can be used to slow corrosion, and how very common batteries function.

Chapter Highlights:

Overview Web Activity:

Here are some good sites to help you with some of the topics in this chapter:

  1. This one requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free and available at Adobe ). When you get to the site, scroll down some to the "electrochemistry section"about 39 pages of reviews: electrochem
  2. Here is a very neat site on these topics (but some of the content is at a little higher level) higher level material
  3. This is a good high school site for this material stuff


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