Chemistry programs developed and taught online by Dr. Leon L. Combs while a professor at Kennesaw State University (KSU) are located on this site. Dr. Combs taught the courses at KSU for six years and is currently Professor Emeritus and Head, Ret. at KSU. This web site is not currently affiliated with any university so the visitor should check with their university concerning their acceptability for university credit. Dr. Combs may be available to teach it online.

GenChemIScience and GenChemIIScience are online courses for two semesters of freshman chemistry for science majors. Both of these courses are usually acceptable for university credit for science majors or for HS AP credit. .

GenChemISc GenChemIISc

GenChemINon-Science and GenChemIINon-Science are online courses for freshman chemistry for non-science majors. They were orginially developed for pre-pharmacy majors at KSU and the first course has also been used as a course to prepare students for taking GenChemIScience. Either or both may also be acceptable for HS science courses.

GenChemINonSc GenChemIISc

This next study group concerns intermolecular forces that is more advanced and usually offered during a physical chemistry course at the university junior level. It has been received as an exceptionally good coverage of intermolecular forces.



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